How Prestige Telecom Group Can Help You With Our Virtual Landline Service

As experts in telecoms, offering services such as VOIP, business mobile broadband and business mobiles, we love this type of telephone system. We love the flexibility it gives to businesses and how it ensures they can offer their services to people no matter where they are. Communication, and being seen as a business that is in contact with its valued customers, should not be underestimated. Clients will forgive a great deal, and appreciate you a lot more, if they know there is someone on the other end of the phone, ready to respond, at all times of the day.

If this seems like something you’d benefit from then you should absolutely get in touch with our team of experts at Prestige Telecom today. They have an innate knowledge of this solution and can help you implement it so that it is effective and bespoke to you and your business – whether you’re a one-man-band or a team of dozens. We know that, while the technology behind virtual landlines is interesting, it isn’t the main reason you choose this solution, you choose it because you want the seamless, effective benefits that will help your business. We’ll skip past the jargon, and unnecessary conversations, and instead, spend that time speaking to you in plain-English about the things that matter – tariffs and length of plan.

The contracts that we offer are all short to medium term so you can tweak and adjust it based on ever-changing business needs. You can also be sure that we’ll never hide costs or charge you hidden fees. We have one price per user and that’s all you’ll ever need to pay – it’s that simple. As we mentioned at the top of the page, upon choosing this service, you’ll be assigned a dedicated member of our accounts team who will work for you, ensuring the price you’re paying is always the best one that is out there. If any new features, products, or services arise that we think may be of interest to you, your account manager will proactively reach out to let you know about them so you’re always aware of how new cutting-edge technology can benefit you.

We’ll walk you through the process and, through online demos, train you and your team to use the virtual landline software to the fullest of its capabilities so you can get the most out of this investment, beyond just accepting and making calls. And, of course, we’ll always be there to answer questions or resolve any issues that you may have once you’re up-and-running with this effective business communication system.

Why Choose Prestige Telecom Group?

We could talk for days about why we think we are the best virtual landline provider in the UK but, of course, we’re ever so slightly biased! So instead, why not check out our Trustpilot reviews, or our awards? As proof of our effectiveness in providing telecommunications solutions, you only have to look at our 2800+ Trustpilot reviews – 80% of which are ‘excellent’ or 5-stars. In addition to customer reviews, we’re also recognised by industry bodies such as the Best Companies Accreditation, who recently gave us 3-stars. 

After surveying our customers we were proud to hear that 86% of them would recommend us to friends or fellow business owners, 69% of people saved money when they switched to us and a whopping 94% of people we asked said they would happily renew their deals which include 12-24 month options, as well as 36-month plans.

What Is The Best Virtual Landline Deal For Me?

The best virtual landline deal is the one that works for you, your staff and your business – it’s that simple. Sure, there are more premium virtual landline offers available that come with a host of brilliant features, but, if they aren’t right for you, then they are next to useless. Our team doesn’t look to sell you the biggest, most expensive package, we don’t work like that. Instead, we listen to the problems that you face with your current telecommunications systems and come up with a bespoke package of effective solutions that will work perfectly for you.

If, for instance, you’ve recently missed out on a big piece of business because the potential client couldn’t get through to you, we’ll implement virtual landline features that ensure this never happens again. Or, if you find yourself getting frustrated because you’re not able to provide specialist advice to customers, and getting in touch with a colleague (who has this knowledge) is taking too long, we can ensure that you’re able to immediately divert the call to the person in IT who can help fix an issue or the team member in the graphics department who can help action specific feedback. 

All businesses have unique challenges and that’s before you even begin to think about telecommunications. The services that you use from a dedicated telecom provider, such as Prestige Telecom, shouldn’t be a hindrance, and, at the very least, should not be adding to your existing pile of challenges. All this, and more, is why we only offer packages and plans that suit your current ways of working and don’t overwhelm you with features.


What Are 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers are non-geographical numbers that aren’t linked to a locality in the UK. If you’re calling a 0330 number, there’s no guessing where the number is actually from. These numbers were introduced over a decade ago in 2007 and were deemed a great alternative for businesses that wanted to remain free of local area codes. 

Companies previously relied on 0800 phone numbers which are called toll-free numbers. These numbers were necessary for businesses to operate on a national scale. However, they weren’t exactly cost-friendly. 0800 numbers are free for callers but not to you, the customer. You pay for the incoming calls on your 0800 phone number. 0330 numbers served as a great option for numbers and saved them a lot of money. This is why companies are widely using 0330 numbers to operate nationally.  

Even though this isn’t a local geographic number for customers, it’s still cost-effective for customers. No matter where the call is being placed from, the charges of the call will be the same as the 01 and 02 area codes. This means 0330 numbers aren’t just saving you money; they’re not charging your customers any extra. 

Ever since their inception, 0330 numbers have widely gained popularity among UK citizens. They have become a mainstream number that people are extremely likely to call. 

E-commerce businesses that are located in a certain locality but serve around the country are the perfect candidates to use 0330 numbers. They are providing their services around the whole country but don’t have the employees required to be physically present in each city. If this speaks the scenario for your business, too, 0330 numbers are the perfect landline number to use. They’ll allow you to provide quality customer support around the country without being present in those locations. 

Updating numbers is a pretty costly ordeal and when you’re dealing with the charges of relocating your entire business, updating numbers is a cost you’ll happily ignore. With 0330, you’re completely free of a geographical location. You can change your office location a dozen times, but you still won’t have the need to change your phone numbers. This isn’t just helpful in terms of cost. This creates less confusion among your customers as they will always need to call one number, and you won’t have to market a new number every now and then. 

Setting up 0330 numbers is extremely beneficial for you and your company. They will significantly reduce your telephone bills while providing the utmost level of convenience for you and your customers. Your 0330 number can divert to your mobile at no additional cost or your 0330 number can sit on your VoIP system.