What are the Benefits of Music on Hold?

When you’re setting up your phone systems there is a lot to think about. What number do you want? What physical phones? Do you want a push button menu system? How will you access calls on the go? What call recording software will you use? And much more. One often overlooked aspect of a phone system is what happens when your callers are on hold?

Music on Hold is a service from Prestige Telecom Group. In this post we’ll run through what exactly Music on Hold is, and what the benefits of Music on Hold are. 

What is Music on Hold? 

You can’t always get to the phone right away. Perhaps your agents are on other calls, or are simply finishing a bite to eat. Whatever the reason, if your customers are left waiting they will often not stick around. What’s more 34% of callers who’s calls are not answered will never ring back. And, if you need to transfer customers between call operators, you may leave them frustrated with the wait. 

It seems only large enterprise organisations have the resources to hire a voiceover artist and produce professional hold music… right? Well, that’s where we come in. 

With our Music on Hold system, we partner with professional voice over artists and allow you to combine this with our studio quality hold music to create an excellent experience for your customers. 

You can use this space to inform your customers of other product or service offerings you have, highlight the benefits of other products or promote upcoming product releases. The options are endless. 

What are the benefits of Music on Hold? 

  1. Longer wait times

While you will no doubt want to answer the call as soon as possible, we’ve found that customers are much more willing to hold if they are receiving information. It makes the time pass quicker. What’s more, you have a less frustrated customer when you do pick up the phone. 

  1. Professional image

A custom hold message will give off the impression of a larger, professional organisation, even if you are a one-person operation.

  1. Upsells

While customers are waiting, you can take this time to suggest upgraded products or services. We’ve found that these messages can really help to drive sales. 

  1. Increased brand awareness

Why not fill dead air time with more information about your brand. The customer may only be calling up for a quick admin task. However, by using time that would otherwise be wasted, you can better inform them about your business.

  1. Running promotions

Many businesses will run special promotions from time-to-time. The hardest part is getting the word out. If every customer that calls your offices hears about the promotion, that can dramatically improve participation. 

There we have it. Our Music on Hold system in a nutshell. If you’d like to see it in action head over to https://prestigetelecomgroup.co.uk/music-on-hold/ where you can pair hold music with professional voice overs on the fly to get a feel for how your custom message will sound. 


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