What To Consider When Choosing a VOIP Headset

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Given the great increase in the popularity of VoIP systems, it’s little wonder that headset sales have surged in recent years. Although an optional add-on, VoIP integrated headsets allow for much greater convenience and clarity of communication than traditional phones.

Investment in a good quality headset could make a big difference when it comes to your everyday satisfaction and the quality of relationships with outside contacts. They bring benefits such as a reduction in back pain (associated with the use of traditional phones) and the ability to remain hands-free during calls. Just remember the considerations covered in this blog to avoid any disappointment.

System Compatibility

Care should be taken in the choice of a headset that’s compatible with your computer, operating system, and VoIP phone. There may be a need for the connection of specific leads and handset lifters to ensure that the headset works properly. Take a look through the product listing to ensure that your preferred headset will work as expected.

Everyday Comfort

Comfort is sure to be a priority, especially if you’re going to be wearing the headset throughout the working day. As preferences vary, it’s worth trying on the over the head, over the ear, and in the ear varieties before making a buying decision. Choose a model made from high-quality materials for desirable durability and comfort.

Audio Quality

The quality of sound is sure to have a bearing on your headset choice. It should be easy to adjust the volume, with the clarity of two-way communication being assured. The level of noise cancellation should also be considered, given that you might be using the headset in a busy office environment. A binaural VoIP headset may well be the best choice.


If you’re prone to walking about during calls then you’ll need a wireless headset. The signal strength should then be factored into your buying decision. And you should account for the expected amount of time between battery charges.


A basic headset can be purchased for as little as £15. However, you can expect to pay upwards of £300 for one of the binaural noise-canceling wireless versions. The decision may come down to such factors as your business budget, the number of headsets required, and the level of sacrifice that you’re prepared to make in terms of sound quality.

Here To Help

There’s no question that investment in a VoIP headset will be worthwhile if you spend long periods of your working life on call. No matter whether you’re an independent freelancer working from a home office, or a time-pressed manager working in a busy office, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a headset that suits your needs.

If you have any further questions about the arrangement of your VoIP system then give the Prestige Telecom Group a call on 03303 200 222 or email info@prestigetelecomgroup.co.uk.


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