Prestige Telecom is committed to providing an excellent quality of service and dedicated to supporting customers who may require additional support. Our aim is to identify customers who may be vulnerable each time they interact with us and to ensure that they receive a consistent approach which considers their circumstances, meets their needs and delivers a great experience.
Whilst it is very difficult to define, Prestige Telecom Group is likely to consider someone to be vulnerable when their personal circumstances and characteristics mean they are significantly more likely than a typical customer to suffer detriment in connection with how Prestige Telecom Group deals with them, or where that detriment is likely to be more substantial.
For the purposes of this policy we consider a vulnerable adult to be a person aged 18 or over who has:

  • A learning or physical disability
  • A physical or mental illness, chronic or otherwise, including an addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • A reduction in physical or mental capacity
  • A dependency upon others in the performance of or a requirement for assistance in the performance of physical functions
  • Severe impairment in the ability to communicate with others
  • Impairment in a person’s ability to protect him or herself from assault or abuse
  • A person deemed not to display the mental capacity to make informed decisions

We also understand that people can experience temporary vulnerability due to bereavement, loss of income, accident or injury for example.
Prestige Telecom is committed to:

  • Ensuring staff are trained appropriately to recognise when a customer may require additional support
  • The development and implementation of any tool or process to support our customers with any physical, emotional or hardship needs
  • Implementing a culture of empathetic support for any vulnerable customers with difficulties they may be facing in respect of their services provided by

At Prestige we are working hard to ensure that vulnerable customers can access support from trained customer services advisors who have the skills and knowledge needed to help. – Accessibility & Vulnerability Policy 2/2
If you have a trusted carer, friend or family member who has agreed to help you manage your account, please let us know by calling 03300 881818 or emailing We will ask both parties to confirm some details and then we can make sure they are recorded as an Authorised User and they can be sent your bills, pay a bill for you and can be set up to act on your behalf.
We can provide your contract, mobile phone bills and more in Braille, large print or audio free of charge. If you’d like this service please contact us using the details below.
If you are unable to read or use a telephone directory due to illness or disability, you can apply for free directory assistance and information by calling BT Directory Assistance on 195. Once you’ve registered and got your PIN you’ll be able to register with us.
Relay UK translates text to voice and voice to text – ideal if you have difficulty hearing or speaking on the phone. A trained relay assistant will read out your message to the person you’re calling then type out their reply for you to read. You can use Relay UK through a textphone or the Relay UK app. To access this service please use the link or for further information around Text Relay please refer to Ofcom’s guide on their website.
EmergencySMS is a UK-wide service that lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people send a text message to 999 emergency services – police, ambulance, fire or coastguard. It lets you text for help and to receive replies sent from the emergency services. To use EmergencySMS you must register your mobile phone on the website
We understand that it is a very difficult time when a loved one passes away. That’s why we are training our staff to support bereaved customers and those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness should they want to talk about the account and how we can help. The team are open Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and can be contacted using the details below.
If you depend on your home phone for medical reasons, you may be eligible for our fault priority repair service. This gives you priority support if a fault puts your phone line out of action or makes it difficult to make or receive calls. To find out if you’re eligible for Telephone Fault Priority and to register for the service, please contact us using the details below.