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For the vast majority of businesses, regardless of sector or industry, phone calls help them run their day to day operations. Phone systems, in business, have a million different purposes – they can keep in touch with employees, and open opportunities for new business with clients who have gotten in touch.

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Our desktop application enables users to work from anywhere, with full feature functionality.

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Take your full telephony capabilities to the palm of your hand, anywhere. Flexibility has never been more important to all UK companies.

CRM Integration

We have native integrations with twelve of the top CRM solution providers. Meaning features such as, screen popping, call logging, click to dial and more are all available. Free of charge.

Voicemail to Email

Visual voicemail available through our application as well as Voicemail to email. We don’t just email you with the sound file, we also transcript your voicemail message for you.

Call Recording

All calls are recorded as standard with Prestige Telecom Group. Manage and download you’re calls through our web-based admin portal or application.

Hot Desking

If you’re using handsets with our VoIP system, we provide Hot Desking with each piece of equipment. This means your employees can log into any handset and pick up their voicemails and dial out with their DDI/Extension.

Perfect Solution For Your Business. We provide a single point communication solution across your business.

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We hope this has helped educate you a bit more about the advantages, and fundamental changes, a successfully installed VoIP phone system can have on your business. We never tire of seeing a business go from strength to strength thanks to our services – it’s what spurs us on to do what we do every single day.

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To benefit from VoIP, its features, and its benefits, some equipment is needed. It’s important to stress though that the popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol means that you don’t have to search for very long to find this equipment. In addition, the type of equipment will depend on what sort of VoIP you want. The first piece of equipment you need is a broadband connection, without this, you simply can’t use VoIP. If you wish to use VoIP on a computer, you’ll need a laptop or PC, internet, telephony software, and headsets and/or speakers (these are optional). If you intend to use VoIP on a smartphone, you’ll need a data plan or Wi-Fi, and your chosen VoIP application installed on your phone.

As with anything data-related, the more you use the application, the more data you’ll consume. And, with most telephone plans not including VoIP calls, some may worry that using this service for telephone calls is too expensive. When thinking about this question, think about how many minutes your phone calls last? If you’re regularly on the phone for several hours at a time, then maybe VoIP technology might be a bit expensive, especially when using 4G or 5G data plans. In general, VoIP calls can use anything between 0.5 megabytes (MB) and 1.3 MB per minute depending on the mobile device used and the software used to power the VoIP technology.

A PBX is short for a Private Branch Exchange and is a phone system that is found on-premise and, crucially, is not connected to a data network. A VoIP network is another type of telephony system that converts speech into data. VoIP can be hosted, or it can be installed on-premises, like PBX. The main difference is that PBX is used by businesses that need an on-premise system. PBX does tend to be a little more simple to install but it is nowhere near as flexible, or advanced, as a cutting-edge VoIP system. The differences are apparent and businesses need to weigh up which phone service is best for their needs – be that traditional phones on a PBX, a VoIP phone system, or a hybrid.

VoIP is used for whatever communication needs a business may require. Due to the internet-based technology that powers it, VoIP can be used for video calls, conferencing, as well as standard telephone conversations. The multiplicity of VoIP is just one of the reasons it is so popular, another is that it can be used to phone people all across the world, for a fraction of the cost. VoIP can be used to bypass the overseas charges and makes expansion and networking by businesses into different countries much easier! VoIP is just a fantastic way of bringing people together to communicate no matter where they are, and on whatever device they are most comfortable using.

Honestly, yes. VoIP can be hacked because it is connected to the internet, in the same way, your laptop, bank details, phone, emails, and social media accounts can be hacked. However, like any device connected to the internet, there are a wide array of tools to prevent hacking and reduce the risk. Strong passwords, that contain numerous special characters, regular updates, reviewing call logs, and deactivating accounts that are no longer used are all things that can be implemented, relatively easily, to dramatically reduce the chance of being hacked. It’s important to set these security measures early, so that they become part of employees’ habits, and therefore done regularly.

Everyone is eligible for VoIP – there are no minimum requirements for a company to adopt this system. As long as they have access to an internet connection they can enjoy an internet phone service such as this. There are, of course, things that can make VoIP better, such as bigger bandwidths and generally low latency. However, those things are optional, there is no need to have these to enjoy a basic VoIP system.

No, our team will give you the option to transfer your number to your new business VoIP deal. This keeps things consistent and ensures your customers don’t have to go hunting for a new number to contact you. The great thing about VoIP is that this number will follow you no matter where you are in the UK. From a customer’s perspective, they only ever know that one number. Where you answer the call is negligible because you’re answering it using the internet, not a fixed phone line.

If instead of a softphone, you’ve opted for handsets, you’ll need to ensure that the ones you have are compatible with VoIP. If they are older models, for instance, you might need to invest in some newer ones.

As long as your internet connection is reliable, then VoIP will be crystal clear. Unlike telephone lines, VoIP signals aren’t affected by physical damage from outside elements. In addition, the quality of the call is far more reliable. When chatting, it really will feel like the person is right next to you, as opposed to being down a phone line.

The same as a normal phone call. People calling you will not even realise they are calling a VoIP number. And, for people making the calls, they would simply dial the number and pick up the phone as usual. If they are using a softphone, then they would simply speak at the device that they are using.