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Prestige's Virtual Landline Service

A virtual landline to number mobile system allows you to take inbound calls, and make outbound calls, no matter where you are in the world. The ability to answer business calls wherever you are can ensure you’re seen as a business that can help existing, and potential, customers no matter the time of day.

Mobile Application & Desktop

Answer and make calls with your new Virtual Landline solution through your mobile or laptop/desktop. Works with 4G and WiFi.

Management Portal

Run call stats to see which numbers are receiving the most calls. Access you’re call recordings. Reset you’re password and access voicemails.

Auto Attendant/IVR

Route calls and greet your customers with a welcome message. “Thank you for calling Prestige, please press option one for…”

Five Landline Numbers Included

Have multiple local numbers. Run campaigns throughout the UK with different local landline numbers.

Call Recording

Listen back to calls. We store your call recordings free of charge for ninety days. Download and email call recordings too.

Conferencing & Transfers

Transfer calls to external numbers and conference in external numbers. If you are busy and want someone else to deal with the call, transfer the call straight away or conference in a third party.

Perfect Solution For Your Business. We provide a single point communication solution across your business.

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Virtual landlines free you from the need to be near an office phone and allow you to work remotely while appearing to be a business that can answer the phone at a moments notice – it really does give you the best of both worlds.

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Diverting your landline telephone to your mobile is super easy and comes with a host of benefits for you and the caller. On a regular device, begin by picking up the telephone so that you hear the dial tone. Then, enter the numbers ’21’ followed by the number that you want the call to be diverted to, confirm this by pressing the hash-key (#). For example, you’ll want to type something like: ‘2107319591725#’. Once that is done, you’ll often hear a confirmation along the lines of ‘service feature activated’. If you’re a business that is growing at scale, however, then a proper virtual landline infrastructure should be considered as it can go beyond just diverting calls and offer other features.

A virtual phone call is quite simply a call that takes place over a digital connection. The ‘virtualness’ of it comes from the fact that no physical infrastructure, such as traditional landline phones or phone lines, are used to make or receive a phone call. A virtual phone call works by turning speech from one user into data, scrambling it, and sending it to the other person, converting it back to speech, and playing it through the phone – all of this is done in a matter of milliseconds. To the people on each end of the call, they don’t even notice this process because it happens so quickly, instead, they just enjoy clearer call quality.

Here at Prestige Telecom Group, we’re confident that, as well as offering flexible contracts, we can provide you with a mobile broadband business plan that offers incredibly reliable internet access, so you can focus on your business and not worry about your portable internet solutions.

In theory, yes. You can use your home phone to make and receive calls from prospective clients and customers. However, there is a big caveat to that, just because you can, does that mean you should? While it may seem like a quick-fix, this may only be good in the short term. If your business, that you operate from home, begins to expand, getting regular phone calls from customers to your personal home phone may quickly present logistical problems. What if one of your family members answers it? What if someone else is on the phone at the time of the incoming call? What if you’re out at the time of the call? Thankfully, all this can be eradicated with a virtual landline that gives your business the illusion of a physical location, without needing you to disclose your personal landline.

  1. Update firmware – Semi-regularly, check if your mobile broadband routers require updating. Most devices run on firmware which may need to be updated a few times over the years that you own the device. Keeping it updated will ensure you’re always receiving the best connection.
  2. Switch to OpenDNS – An OpenDNS may offer you a safer, more reliable connection, in addition to the speeds offered from a mobile broadband package. If you notice delays in website loading, despite a strong signal, consider an OpenDNS.
  3. Use a USB extension with your dongle – If you use mobile broadband dongles, use a USB extension cable to attach it to your computer. This extra distance allows you to position your dongle in an area where the signal is better and reduces electrical interference from your PC.

Yes – by downloading the correct software you can effectively turn your laptop, or any internet-enabled device for that matter, into a business phone. You just receive the call on your laptop and speak as if you were on the phone. That is one of the many advantages of a virtual phone system is that, to the person making the call, they think they are just calling a regular landline number. As we’ve stated, this means you can appear to have a physical location be it the UK as a whole, or somewhere within it, that is more specific, such as Manchester or Leeds.

While there may be no hard evidence, the assumption couldn’t be clearer, having a landline number, be it traditional, or part of virtual phone services is an absolute must. At the very least, it won’t harm your business. For local businesses or businesses that wish to appear local, a landline with a geographic code (0121, 0161 etc) can instil immediate trust and convenience because the person making the call already assumes that they are calling a local business that can sort their needs quicker because they are nearby. Of course, in the modern world, all avenues of communication, from VoIP digital phones right the way through to chatbots, should be considered as the way people interact changes. A virtual landline should be thought of as a priority when selecting which methods to employ.

Yes. To put it simply. Calls do not travel over the traditional telephony methods. Calls travel through the internet.  

We can port any number in the UK onto our Virtual Landline platform. Porting can be a difficult experience, but the industry is getting a whole lot better. Prestige are experts in this field, you can be confident we can port any number in the UK.

We call this our Virtual Landline offering.

Set up is really simple. We will have your new number, with your chosen are codes, live within 48 hours. We provide dedicated training over the phone on how to get the most of your new landline numbers.

You can do this by calling your existing provider. If you’re with BT, then you can do this yourself with a desk phone. Dial *121*, then add the phone number you want to divert to, then press #.

You can receive calls from your landline to your mobile by simply placing a divert. You existing provider can do this for you. A more cost-effective way would be to port your landline number across to our Virtual Landline solution. When you divert calls from you’re physical landline to you’re mobile, you will be charged for incoming calls. We do not charge for calls on our Virtual Landline system.

Our Virtual Landline offering will call you’re mobile automatically. You can receive calls through our mobile app, directly on the GSM network, on our desktop application or desk phone.

The quickest and most simple way is to dial your own mobile. If you do not have a telephone connection to your physical landline, then you will need to contact your current provider or check on your landline bill.

Any area code in the UK. You can see a full list here

0330 numbers are non-geographical numbers that aren’t linked to a locality in the UK. If you’re calling a 0330 number, there’s no guessing where the number is actually from. These numbers were introduced over a decade ago in 2007 and were deemed a great alternative for businesses that wanted to remain free of local area codes.

London area code is 020. They have 0203,0207 & 0208.

The UK has around 774 different are codes in the UK.

Call prestige, get setup within 48 hours and benefit from all of our Virtual Landline features that come free of charge with your new London number.

0300 numbers are free to you to call, depending on your phone provider. With Prestige, 0330 numbers are free for you to have on your Virtual Landline solution. We do not charge a rental fee against number.

Absolutely. You can do this instantly through are award winning app.

We do not charge for calls to UK landlines & UK mobiles with our Virtual Landline system.

Yes. Through our award-winning application, you can instantly divert your landline numbers to any destination.

This is another term for a Virtual Landline number.

Yes. Our Virtual Landline voicemail solution provides you with visual voicemail. We also send you an automatic email with the audio file attached and the voicemail message transcript.

Yes, it is. London has 0203, 0208 & 0207. 

Our award-winning application allows you to dial out and receive calls with your Virtual Landline solution. It also allows you to instantly divert calls, choose which landline number you want to dial out with and more.

If you tell it to, yes. A better way to get the most out of your Virtual Landline is to add it to various web listing applications.