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Prestige's Leased Lines

In a more interconnected world than ever, the reliance on high-speed broadband, for businesses, in particular, is vital. But, with everyone sharing from the same wires, bandwidth, and systems, there has grown a need for a certain broadband exclusivity for companies that need absolute assurance that their internet broadband will never falter, slow down, or leave them at risk of a cyber-attack.

Who we’ve helped:

Leased lines are extremely beneficial for those businesses that use up vast amounts of internet bandwidth on a regular basis, and, here at Prestige Telecom Group, we’re experienced in helping companies and organisations, across the UK, integrate these new systems, and get them up and running. 

Once we have established your leased line requirements, we’ll assign you your own dedicated account manager who will create a bespoke package that fits your budget, without compromising on superfast internet speeds that are used by your business, and your business only


A leased line provides dedicated bandwidth, ensuring that your team has consistent and uninterrupted access to the online resources they need to thrive. Whether it's accessing cloud-based applications, hosting video conferences, or transferring large files, a leased line provides the stability and performance required for smooth operations. With the growing reliance on digital communication and collaboration tools, a leased line becomes indispensable for maintaining productivity and staying competitive in your industry.


For hotels that want to offer dozens of guests super-fast internet, a leased line package is a very attractive proposition. This is especially true given the amount of bandwidth that is shared between different guests and hotel staff. It makes sense for a hotel to have its own dedicated internet so that it can both carry out the duties it needs to, such as making bookings and handling customer details, while still offering customers a necessary feature that ensures they can surf the internet in confidence.


Schools, especially those in rural areas that house students during the term, enjoy the safety and security that comes with leased lines. By investing in their own internet bandwidth they can rest assured knowing that their students are able to freely use the internet to complete their studies and not worry about it dipping or becoming disconnected as a result of other users during peak times.


With so much of the farming and agriculture industry becoming more and more reliant on internet-based technology, the need to access high-speed internet in extremely remote locations is a priority. This priority has seen an increase in the adoption of leased lines by farmers and members of the agricultural community.

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Leased Lines can give your team the kind of unique access to the internet that ensures they can scale your business and work on the things that matter, without fear of peak usage causing their performance to slow.

If you want to understand more about how our team can help you benefit from this, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Prestige Telecom Group.

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