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In a more interconnected world than ever, the reliance on high-speed broadband, for businesses, in particular, is vital. But, with everyone sharing from the same wires, bandwidth, and systems, there has grown a need for a certain broadband exclusivity for companies that need absolute assurance that their internet broadband will never falter, slow down, or leave them at risk of a cyber-attack.

This need has seen the rise in popularity of something called Leased Lines – these are, as we’ll explain, exclusive cables that offer private internet access to a business that requires it. Here at Prestige Telecom Group, we have seen the benefits of leased lines and can help businesses across the country enjoy the exclusivity and reliability of this increasingly popular broadband solution.

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What Are Leased Lines?

Leased lines are dedicated physical broadband connections that can be leased from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a company, such as Prestige Telecom Group, to a business that uses vast amounts of bandwidth and internet to such a degree that using their own makes sense. 

Once installed, a leased line provides a business with exclusive access to the internet, they are no longer sharing bandwidth with other users in their building or in the surrounding area – all this means that the internet they receive is exceedingly fast, and there’s only. On a scientific level, the light that travels, at light-speed, down the fibre optic cable is used exclusively for a single business, it isn’t shared meaning it isn’t slowed down or hampered by having to spread across other networks. 

Leased lines are defined as being symmetrical, uncontested, and travelling between two points. The symmetry refers to the upload and download speed being the same, with shared lines, on traditional networks, there is often a preference for high download speeds, at the behest of slower upload speeds. 

With leased lines, however, both are the same making uploading files as quick as downloading them. Being uncontested is a characteristic that’s fairly self-explanatory. Because these lines are only supplying the internet to one place, they aren’t contending with other networks or being shared by users. Finally, travelling between two points (often referred to as ‘point to point’) refers to the fact that leased lines connect one business with one ISP (Internet Service Provider), and that’s it. The point to point nature of the leased line means you won’t be impacted by multiple users accessing the shared network. Multiple-use can, at peak times especially, have detrimental effects for businesses that need to host large VoIP conferences, download complex files, or handle sensitive customer information. 

The Equipment Needed For This Service

To start benefiting quickly from the exclusivity of leased lines you’ll need to be in an area where the physical fibre-optic cables are available to be plugged into your network. For those that live in a busy inner-city area or suburb, getting leased lines installed shouldn’t take very long at all.

In contrast, if you’re a small business that is situated in a rural area, having your own dedicated network installed may cost a lot more money than it is worth, in the short to medium term at least.

Other pieces of equipment such as routers, modems, and devices that can be connected to the internet are also clearly required in order to benefit from leased lines. 


Our Process: How Prestige Telecom Group Can Help With Leased Line

Leased lines are extremely beneficial for those businesses that use up vast amounts of internet bandwidth on a regular basis, and, here at Prestige Telecom Group, we’re experienced in helping companies and organisations, across the UK, integrate these new systems, and get them up and running. 

Our process begins, as with any of our services, be it Virtual Landlines which can free your business to operate anywhere and still retain a local presence, or our Business Mobile Broadband packages which allow team members to work in locations that suit them, by listening to the concerns and understanding how our service can meet your requirements. 

Once we have established your leased line requirements, we’ll assign you your own dedicated account manager who will create a bespoke package that fits your budget, without compromising on superfast internet speeds that are used by your business, and your business only.

Who we’ve helped:


For hotels that want to offer dozens of guests super-fast internet, a leased line package is a very attractive proposition. This is especially true given the amount of bandwidth that is shared between different guests and hotel staff. It makes sense for a hotel to have its own dedicated internet so that it can both carry out the duties it needs to, such as making bookings and handling customer details, while still offering customers a necessary feature that ensures they can surf the internet in confidence. 


Schools, especially those in rural areas that house students during the term, enjoy the safety and security that comes with leased lines. By investing in their own internet bandwidth they can rest assured knowing that their students are able to freely use the internet to complete their studies and not worry about it dipping or becoming disconnected as a result of other users during peak times. 


With so much of the farming and agriculture industry becoming more and more reliant on internet-based technology, the need to access high-speed internet in extremely remote locations is a priority. This priority has seen an increase in the adoption of leased lines by farmers and members of the agricultural community.

While these three sectors are the most notable users of leased lines, our team at Prestige Telecom Group can help virtually any company or industry with this cutting-edge technology.

Want To Learn More? Get In Touch

Leased Lines can give your team the kind of unique access to the internet that ensures they can scale your business and work on the things that matter, without fear of peak usage causing their performance to slow.

If you want to understand more about how our team can help you benefit from this, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Prestige Telecom Group. Our base in Gosport has allowed us to help businesses across the south of England in places such as Southampton, Brighton, and Bristol, as well as Wales, and across the UK. 

So no matter where you are if you want a leased lines solution, we can help. Call us on 01329 595 075, or email us at

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