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Using dedicated business mobile phones in your company enables effective communication between employees and clients. With the right tariffs and handsets, you can really optimise your business communications, making sure your company is always reachable and you never miss an opportunity.

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The best set of mobile phones for you and your team depends on your business requirements, the type of business you are in, and how frequently you will use them. Of course, there are phones that are better, more advanced, and have greater features, but if you never use them, then that particular business phone plan is just a glorified waste of money. It’s important, before looking at mobile business plans, to speak to colleagues and team members to ascertain their needs and how they currently use their phone, be it one specifically used for business, or a personal one that they use to ring clients.

A business mobile phone contract is similar to a personal contract that is designed to fit the communication needs of your business. Features of mobile business plans could include higher than usual data allowances, or free calls to allow employees to complete daily tasks without being charged for them. Essentially, they are more flexible and can be bought for multiple members of staff, providers are happy to be more flexible with allowances and contract lengths, for example, because these deals are ultimately worth more than just one person taking out a personal contract.

Here at Prestige Telecom Group, we’re confident that, as well as offering flexible contracts, we can provide you with a mobile broadband business plan that offers incredibly reliable internet access, so you can focus on your business and not worry about your portable internet solutions.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it’s something we’d encourage here at Prestige Telecom Group. Having two phones, one that is for personal use, and one business, ensures that communication won’t be misguided and allows you to quite literally switch off from work on weekends, without having to worry about people calling you. Further, there are ways where you can save money on these devices, if they are specifically used for business, HMRC does allow one business smartphone and contract per employee, including purchase cost, tariffs, and total cost of calls. You can do this by simply purchasing the device in the company name, and claim it as an expense.

  1. Update firmware – Semi-regularly, check if your mobile broadband routers require updating. Most devices run on firmware which may need to be updated a few times over the years that you own the device. Keeping it updated will ensure you’re always receiving the best connection.
  2. Switch to OpenDNS – An OpenDNS may offer you a safer, more reliable connection, in addition to the speeds offered from a mobile broadband package. If you notice delays in website loading, despite a strong signal, consider an OpenDNS.
  3. Use a USB extension with your dongle – If you use mobile broadband dongles, use a USB extension cable to attach it to your computer. This extra distance allows you to position your dongle in an area where the signal is better and reduces electrical interference from your PC.

Thankfully, a lot of smartphones these days have plenty of security features as standard, from fingerprint technology to encrypted passwords, and face ID. From a hardware standpoint, most mobile phones are relatively hard to get into. Phones are most susceptible to ‘break-ins’ from a software point of view, especially if they are connected to an internet connection that is shared. The safest phone for your business is the one that has the most appropriate security features for your needs. If you’re just using a business mobile to make phone calls to clients to let them know you’re on your way, then your need for security features may be low, however, if you use business smartphones to check sensitive customer data or manage money, then you may require more extreme features.

Broadly, yes. And, even if the contract isn’t cheaper, a business phone provider will offer enhanced features, especially if a business takes out a big contract. These features could include dedicated support, access to multiple networks, and pooled data, where a department, or a whole company, shares from a big pool of data. Very often, in a business contract, a provider, such as our team here at Prestige Telecom Group, will offer free calls within the network, making it free, essentially, for employees to communicate using their work phones. Even for the smallest of businesses, business phone contracts for business handsets come out much cheaper in the long run.