How To Pick A Mobile Broadband Deal

Picking a mobile broadband deal is an exciting time, and an opportunity for you to expand the way your business operates, and where it operates. A thorough package, with a variety of allowances, and dedicated support from your very own account manager, will allow you to leave your office desk and operate daily business activities on the go while enjoying the freedom of movement, and the ability to meet customers where they are, while still having access to high-speed internet.

Picking one, as we’ve looked at, is based on several factors including data mobile allowances, company growth, and how it may, or may not, affect customer service. As well as these effects, it’s also important, when picking a deal, to consider what hardware is best for you. Choosing the broadband gadget that works best for you is an important step as this is going to act as the gateway to your superfast 4G broadband, therefore, businesses must consider which device is the most practical, based on the settings in which it will be used.

For instance, if you’re a business that is on the move and requires internet access while commuting or travelling then a MiFi, or personal mobile WiFi device, may be suitable for you as this can give your smartphone access to the internet on the go. If you need the use of a laptop, tablet, or bigger piece of equipment, consider a dongle which can be plugged in and, before you know it, you’ll have access to 4G internet. Travelling salesmen who spend their days in the car may well benefit more from in-car Wi-Fi devices which can be fixed to 12v ports (common in most vehicles) and give drivers safe access to an internet connection to make VoIP calls, no matter where they are. Another gadget that might be suitable for businesses that use tablets or iPads is a SIM deal that gives allowances for the internet, as opposed to calls or texts.

It’s clear that there are lots of gadgets to consider before you even think about a contract period and allowances. Thankfully, from the initial phone call, right the way through to your setup, we’ll take everything into account to ensure you have the right plan, device, and contract length in place to benefit from our business telecom services, we’ll also guide you and your team through how to use them so that you feel comfortable maximising its capabilities.

Which Mobile Broadband Is Best?

Data limits and contract lengths will also make up the best mobile broadband package for you. Concerning data limits, think about your daily business activities, and what you use the internet for in your office, as this will help to determine the allowances that you think are best for your business. If you’re a business that uses the internet to answer emails, write the occasional report, and use instant messaging, then a low allowance, 5GB for example, may be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re regularly making video calls, and downloading large files, a larger allowance may be more appropriate. 

In terms of contract lengths, these are all dependent on the length of time you expect to need business mobile broadband. We offer 12, 24, and 36-month contracts which are ideally suited for businesses of all types, across a range of industries, dependent on their needs. While Prestige Telecom Group doesn’t, there are Pay As You Go (PAYG) options out there but these tend to be short term plans that are more expensive than a contract that lasts over a year or two.


Why Our Bespoke Business Mobile Broadband Package Is Perfect For Everyone

We offer one, complete business mobile broadband package that we think is suitable for a number of businesses, no matter their sector, or size. Simply choose between either Vodafone or O2, enjoy unlimited 4G data, and let our team do the rest – it’s that simple.

This comprehensive, affordable, unlimited data package is powered by the TP-Link MR600 router, which is the one we choose to supply to our clients. This router was chosen after we rigorously field-tested other products, before determining that the TP-Link MR600 was the best option. 

Why the MR600 is our chosen option:

 – It works on both frequencies, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, and will automatically assess which one is the quickest, and assign itself to that one. There’s no need for you to manually switch if you’re suffering from slow internet.

– You can connect it to 60 different devices meaning your whole office can comfortably rely on this router and not have to worry about the signal dropping.

– A sophisticated mesh solution is available to ensure connectivity throughout the premises.

– Boosted WiFi and signal receiver to help your team when demand is high.

– Plug and play anywhere, use the router in any location, simply by plugging it in – it’s that easy!

If you like the sound of not having to spend hours searching for a deal and, instead, work with a team who have refined their business mobile broadband package to such an extent that it’s the only one you’ll ever need, then read on to learn how you can get in touch!