Our March MVP’S

Harry won the Sales MVP for his outstanding month on our Lead Generation Team. 

Harry works in our Brighton office, and this is the first time Harry has won our MVP award. Harry finished top Lead Gen across the business, and this is what Harry’s peers said about his month. Harry won with 20 votes.

‘Unreal month for Harry, found great form recently’
‘Smashed it out of the park this month, well done’
‘Amazing month, best so far for him’
‘Outstanding performance this month’

Charlie Neville our CS Supervisor won the Admin MVP this month, with 18 votes. This is what Charlie’s peers said about his month.

‘Keeping our CS team on track, Always making sure they’re doing their best’
‘Holds the Admin Team together well and always makes sure everything is done for sales as well’
‘Doing a great hob organising the CS team’
‘Running a tight ship’

Well done both, great work and enjoy your vouchers!


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