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As one of the fastest growing business telecommunication companies across the UK, we have been servicing businesses large and small and saving them money on their bills with over 35 years’ worth of industry experience.

From single users and one-man bands to large corporate companies, we cater for all and our business telecoms experts are on hand and ready to help.

Here at Prestige, we offer an in-depth tariff analysis, simply by listening to your requirements, so we can find you the right plan and provide industry winning customer service.

If you’re looking for a business telecom company that understands the issues you’re facing, and the need for effective communication solutions, then get in touch with our team today. You can contact us by phone on 03303 200 222 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Core Level


Business Mobiles

Using dedicated business mobile phones in your company enables effective communication between employees and clients.

Businessman talking on mobile phone

Fixed Line Broadband

Fast, reliable and secure broadband tailored for your business. Get prioritised traffic, business-grade router and static IP for your premises applications.

fixed line broadband for businesses

Business Mobile Broadband

Work does not stop when you are away from your desk. Stay connected wherever you may be.

business mobile broadband connectivity

Virtual Landline

Make inbound and outbound calls from your Mobile, Tablet, Desktop/Laptop using our feature rich APP. Use your landline number or multiple landline numbers.

virtual landline solutions


Hosted telephony offers a full range of voice and communications services, all hosted and supported in our own network for the utmost reliability and security.

voip business solutions

SIP Trunks & Traditional Lines

Make calls using an existing phone system over your internet connection.

SIP trunks and traditional lines

Grow Your Company

Help Your Business Win!

Companies looking for methods of business communication, be it business broadband, VOIP phone systems or a SIP trunk provider, come from all sorts of industries, sectors, and areas of the UK. After all, communication solutions, especially effective business communications, are the key to growing your company. Why? Well, if you have the right mobile business services in place it means you can respond to leads, existing customers, or other leaders in your industry, at all hours of the day. You’re no longer restricted to the office and the traditional 9-5 routine. All of a sudden, you give the appearance of a business that is open all hours, never resting, and always ready to serve. This ability can be the difference between success and failure, especially in competitive industries where consistent communication, outside of traditional hours, can cement a relationship.

We’ll give you a full suite of telephone services in the palm of your hand, giving you and your team members greater flexibility to truly transform your business into a modern, nimble, adaptable company that is renowned for its communication. Once you’ve gotten in touch, we’ll go on a deep fact-finding mission to see what mobile services are right for you before booking a virtual demo which will guide you through your new business communication solutions so that you know exactly how to get the most out of them.

Working with Prestige Telecom, regardless of whether you’re a small, or medium-sized, business or enterprise will guarantee one fixed price per user, with no hidden fees whatsoever. There are also no hidden contracts or leases, and the contracts that we do have are not long term, meaning you have the freedom to adapt and change your contract, or types of business communication, as and when you need to. All this allows you to be flexible to your ever-changing business goals and adapt when new employees come on board. After all, there is nothing worse, or more frustrating, than not being able to react to changing scenarios because of a long-term contract.

Small Business

1-10 Users
telecoms for small businesses
Effective business communications are of the utmost importance to small businesses. At Prestige Telecom we understand the needs of small businesses and offer a range of excellent small business phones to help your business run smoothly and effectively.

Medium Business

10-100 Users
telecoms for medium businesses
As your business expands, you need to expand your communications with it. Business phones on the right tariff are key to the success of any growing business. Whatever your needs, Prestige Telecom can find you the best package that’s right for you.


100-500+ Users
telecoms for large businesses
Prestige Telecom is an expert in setting up mobile plans for large enterprises. We offer the best business mobile phone plans around, with enough minutes, texts and data to ensure every single employee always stays connected and has access to all important documents and information at all times.

First Class Services

Our Core Communication Solutions

As you’ll see above, we have a wide range of first-class services which can help you become known for your outstanding levels of communication, be it with customers, potential clients, or new businesses. The industry leaders that we have here at Prestige Telecom can help you ensure your telecommunications and business communication architecture is bespoke and ready to use from day one so that, no matter where you are, you can continue to grow your business, thanks to our telecoms service.

From business mobile deals to business broadband, VOIP phone arrangements and virtual landline number to mobile systems, we are confident we have the right business service for you. Unlike other telecom companies, you’ll see that, from the moment you get in touch, the benefits of working with a team who can offer a seamless service are plentiful. We know that you understand the fundamental importance of business communication. However, the logistics behind telecommunications solutions for businesses can be shrouded in jargon, boastful sales statistics, and impersonal service. We hate this just as much as you which is why our flexible service will be plain-speaking, and friendly. We aim to empower you to make the right decision, be it for your mobile business internet services, or business broadband in general.

The six core services that we offer will not only radically transform the way you, and your team, are able to do business, but they will also slot seamlessly into your current business practices so that you’re ready to use your plan from the moment you agree on a suitable deal, be it a 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month, contract term. If you know what kind of solution you want but aren’t sure which types of business communication are right for you, that’s absolutely fine, our superfast service team can sit with you and run through the plans until you understand which of the six effective business communication tools, that we have on offer, are best for you.

business mobile broadband connectivity
Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Why Choose Prestige Telecom Group For Your Business Telecom Needs?

So, when it comes to asking yourself ‘Why is business communication important?’ and ‘What makes business communication effective?’, think about the kind of company you want to work with. After giving it some thought, we’re confident that you’ll skip past other telecommunications companies and opt to work with us here at Prestige Telecom Group.

Why? Well, we think we have a process in place that is unlike anything being offered by other telecommunications companies. We understand the problems that companies face when they come to us. Either they are unable to offer the same level of service out of hours or, they don’t have enough business mobiles, tablets or other equipment, on appropriate business mobile broadband deals, that can help them expand their business and allow employees to work in new areas and markets. Another problem is that, quite simply, they are paying far too much for their current plan, aren’t getting enough out of it, and are being taken for granted by their current telecom provider, frankly.

We strive to ensure that each client has got the absolute best deal for them at the time. Each customer of Prestige gets their very own account manager who will be on hand to offer advice, explore new deals or systems, and make sure that you’re getting good value for money. We’re always making clients aware of cutting-edge business telecom technology so that they can take advantage of it and get ahead of their competitors by being able to respond faster, close deals quicker and be that company that is known for an outstanding customer service experience.

As you’ll see below 86% of people would recommend us, 94% of customers renew their deals, and over two-thirds of people save money when they switch to Prestige. Don’t believe us still? We’ll let our 2,700+ Trustpilot reviews, 80% of which are 5-stars, and our 3-star ‘Best Companies Accreditation 2021’, speak for themselves.

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So, if you’re interested in learning more about our services, or how you can save money on your business telecoms, then get in touch with us here at Prestige Telecom today! We look forward to showing you how our broadband, mobile, and VOIP solutions can help you. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you, or call us on 03303 200 222.

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