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Prestige Connected Everywhere

When it comes to telecommunication and getting online, location can have a huge impact, especially in rural areas, as broadband packages are often limited. Not only will you face less choice as a resident or worker in these areas but you will likely have to deal with lower quality broadband simply due to being in a remote location. This can hinder your business’s operation and, as a result, limit the growth of your company.

At Prestige Telecom Group, we aim to help our customers who live in these areas and have struggled to find reliable broadband solutions. That’s where Prestige Connected Everywhere comes in, which is our rural broadband offering. We provide this as a complete solution to businesses in rural areas, delivering sufficient broadband which allows them to operate effectively and encourages growth. As we operate across a wide range of sectors, we’re able to help many different companies that don’t have access to traditional infrastructures, get the reliable connection they need.

If you’re looking to improve your business’s communication, you need to look no further. As a fast-growing business within the telecommunication sector, we have over 35 years’ worth of experience servicing both small and large companies. This has allowed us to establish ourselves as a company that understands your issues and is able to provide the appropriate, cost-effective solution. Based in Gosport, local to Portsmouth and Southampton, we’re able to service businesses across the UK. To learn more about how our services can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 03303 200 222 or email us at with your message and contact details.

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The Solution

Our Solution - Prestige Connected Everywhere

Although Prestige Connected Everywhere (PCE) works using a mobile network, we utilise proficient hardware and software, which allows us to provide broadband speeds that surpass any others. Our methods are completely unique and through years of perfecting our process, we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses secure strong connections.

To ensure that our customers are able to choose a solution which suits both their needs and budget, we offer the three products which are listed below. Each of our products are provided as a fully managed service, backed by our extensive Service Level Agreement, and are also professionally installed by a fully qualified engineer.

CE Mini

Suitable for up to 30 users

Cellular connections: 1

CE Storm

Suitable for up to 60 users

Cellular connections: 2

CE Max

Suitable for up to 150+ users

Cellular connections: 4

As our PCE solution is offered in three different formats, you’re able to ensure that you only pay for exactly what you need. This allows you to save money on our CE Mini package if you’re currently operating as a small business, rather than paying for a much larger service that you simply won’t need. This doesn’t mean that you can’t upscale, however, as you’re able to upgrade to our CE Storm and CE Max packages should your business increase in size. This allows you to comfortably cater to your needs and ensure that you’re able to enjoy a sufficient number of users and cellular connections as part of our PCE solution.

What happens during the installation?

During the install, an antenna is fitted to the outside of your building, as one is required to receive and transmit the data signal. To ensure you can benefit from the fastest possible speeds when using a mobile network, we make sure to use high-grade hardware with every product. An experienced member of our engineering team will visit your premises and run a check to see which network provides the strongest signal, before carrying out the hardware install.

Quick Setup

Rollout In No Time!

Why Choose Us?

At Prestige Telecom Group, we’re able to help those who live and work on farms, campsites, remote hotels, and other rural areas, get the connection they need. We ensure that whenever we sell a broadband package, it is suitable for you and the location in which you’ll be using it. We can also promise an extremely quick rollout time, meaning we can install your network solution within seven working days. This allows you to begin benefitting from a fast connection without delay and start growing your business almost immediately!

As a company that puts its customers first, we always ensure that you’re completely happy with the package you’ve chosen before we install it. Also, as part of our transparency with our customers, we make sure there are no hidden costs that could crop up unexpectedly. Once you’ve selected your perfect package, you’ll have to pay only one fixed monthly cost with a £0 upfront outlay.

What Our Customers Say?

Lads Lodge Riding school

Problem: This large equestrian property and business had been desperate for sufficient broadband for years. Previously, two companies had attempted to supply a cellular (mobile broadband) solution to the property, however, they could only achieve 1-2Mbps download speed.

Solution: Using our CE Mini product, we were able to supply the customer with 25-30Mbps of download speed – 20+ faster than the previous broadband!

What they say:

“Thank you to Jay and the engineers at Prestige Telecom. We can finally operate as a home and business with broadband! It’s been a LONG time coming and we are over the moon with the broadband”.

Sabine Bliss – Business Owner


J.S Hunter & Sons

Farmers Weekly Article

Problem: Alongside struggling with basic back-office tasks, JS Hunter Farms -one of the largest farms in Hertfordshire – were unable to get a sufficient broadband connection to upscale the business.

Solution: Our CE Mini Mobile Broadband solution allowed multiple buildings to get connected. The farm’s everyday business is now online with a superfast connection, allowing an office of twelve to work from the yard, carrying out multiple business tasks. It also allowed for other units onsite to get broadband and keep tenants happy and open up doors for further expansion to office conversions.

What they say:

“Prestige provided our farm the chance to finally get online with fast broadband. We worked with their engineers to get a mobile broadband solution on steroids! Their broadband allowed us to connect various buildings throughout the Farm, ensuring tenants were happy and giving us the confidence to expand on future projects”

Eveey Hunter – Farm Manager

Best Product!

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We’re very excited about our CE products and how they can help our customers get a super-quick, strong broadband connection in even the most remote locations. We’re also on hand to help you and provide any extra information on our products that you may need, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To speak to a member of our dedicated customer service team directly, you can call us on 03303 200 222. Alternatively, you can email us at or submit your enquiry using the contact form on our website. Based in Gosport, near Bournemouth and Southampton, we’re able to provide broadband solutions to customers nationwide.

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