IOS 14

Apple has released it’s latest update of iOS operating software after their annual WWDC conference. This is the first time that Apple streamed their conference online through Apple devices due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to welcome you to iOS 14.

Straight off the bat Apple have changed their famous home screen to allow widgets which will let you to see more information at a glance, things like more detail in your calendar, stocks and the weather applications. You can choose to arrange the widgets how you like and you can decide how big you want the widgets to be. App Library has had a facelift and the library will automatically organise all of your apps in one simple and easy to navigate view, this will arrange the apps in different folders such as Games, Health, Online Shopping etc.

App Clips are Apples latest design, making Apps faster and more accessible than ever. A small part of the App is launched in seconds for various Apps such as ordering food, paying to park and so much more. As this has only been released to developers so there are a limited number of apps that have this functionality but buy the time iOS 14 software is released to the public there will be hundreds of apps available for us to play around with.

Calls will no longer take up your phone screen when someone is calling you, this will allow you to continue to browse your phone and the call notification will be at the top of your phone. You can also use FaceTime whilst using your phone be it scrolling through social media or looking at emails, boosting productivity and you will still be able to see the person you are FaceTimeing.

Messages have also been improved as keeping in touch has never been more essential. You can pin your favourite contacts and groups to the top of your message app to easily allow quick replies. Group chats have been improved vastly as well, type a name to direct a message to someone, when you are mentioned in a message your name is highlighted and you can reply to an inline message, something that WhatsApp has allowed you to do for years.

Memoji’s have been refreshed including the optional facemasks on your Memoji’s and over 20 new hairstyles and headgear has been included.

Alushta, Russia - September 28, 2018: Woman hand holding iPhone X with social networking service iMessage on the screen. iPhone ten was created and developed by the Apple inc.

Maps have significantly improved allowing cycling directions in certain cities, using this new feature on a pushbike will tell you the busy streets, steep inclines and where there are stairs on your cycle route. Planning a cycle has never been so simple. Guides are now included in Maps. This will offer Apple’s users to see great shops, eateries and fantastic places to explore.

One of the most impressive features in Apples latest software update is ‘Translate’. You can talk to your phone, it will translate the to the desired language. You can set your favourite phrases, and save phrases you have just translated to save you time. Attention mode enlarges translated text making it easier to read, and is a lot more effective of getting someone’s attention.

Siri once again has got a whole lot more intelligent with over 20x more facts than 3 years ago, you can send a contact voice notes, use the home feature and Siri can find answers to broader and more vague questions by gathering info from all across the web.

The Home app once again has become more intelligent including mood lighting on Apple enabled lights, face recognition on enabled home cameras and doorbells from people tagged in your photo’s app and much more.

Safari, CarPlay, Airpod functionality, Privacy, Apple Arcade and the camera have also had a needed resign.

macOS, watchOS and iPadOS have also had a huge update and there will be another blog coming out soon detailing this.

We expect to see iOS 14 launch in the autumn.


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