5 Ways Our Business Mobile Broadband will Help Construction Firms Build their Reputation

The construction industry is competitive. It’s fast-moving and relies on deadlines, so construction firms and their employees need to make a good impression on their clients. Step forward, our Business Mobile Broadband service.

Securing the best WIFI deal for small and medium-sized businesses can make all the difference when competing for and completing projects – and our tailored solutions prove invaluable for managing directors and contract managers ‘on the go’.

Responding quickly to client enquiries

As a construction leader, you’ll appreciate the importance of returning estimates to prospective clients as quickly as possible. Wait too long and they’re likely to look elsewhere. You could lose their custom, both now and in the future.

However, our super-fast 4G mobile WiFi – with unlimited data bundles – enables you to send over an estimate via email without being out of range, wherever you or your admin team are at that moment. It’s always better to get things agreed in writing after all. Then, should the client go ahead, you can forward any important documents and contracts over too.

Having this dependability is great for newer businesses that might not yet have the luxury of an extensive support team.

Arrive as you mean to start

Now that you have secured the lucrative contract, you’ll need your teams to arrive at the site promptly so they can maximise their time there. Having access to online directions apps such as Google Maps is vital when travelling around the UK.

Without this access, they may struggle to locate harder-to-reach rural or inner-city sites. This won’t look good to any delayed site manager and could place your company in the ‘bad books’. Not exactly the best way to make a first impression.

Also, your workers may need to show a record of their qualifications to gain entry. With Prestige Telecom, you can be confident that a poor connection – or depleted employee’s personal mobile data allowance – won’t prevent the job from getting started.

Ordering supplies and parts

Being adaptable and well equipped (tech-wise) is only half of the story. Machines can break down on-site and there’s always the possibility that you’ll use all of the consumable parts your team beings with them.

But, rather than hold the entire project up – especially when other teams are relying on your business in the ‘construction chain’ – your workers can remedy the situation. Finding local suppliers and equipment hire shops becomes a doodle when they’re utilising our reliable mobile broadband.

Be the team that solves on-site problems in rapid time – it’ll soon be noted by the client and could see you recommended for other work.

Celebrate your company’s achievements

Sharing photographs of completed works via smartphone – or uploading them ‘to the Cloud’ – is one of the best marketing strategies available. This applies whether you’re the ‘new kids on the block’ or an established name in the construction sector.

Encouraging your team to photograph their work upon completion (where permission is granted), will form an invaluable part of any company literature you commission. Wield it in your marketing – including social media – to gain further interest and build your reputation.

With dedicated support available, your Personal Account Manager can get you ‘back up and running’ should your company encounter any connectivity issues.

Looking to sit back, knowing that you offered an outstanding construction service via the mobile broadband solution we’ve recommended? Discover which of our packages and bundles – delivered through our major network partners – would suit you best, by calling our expert team on 03303 200 222. We’ll tailor-make the right deal for your business!


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