Prestige Connected Everywhere Can Combat Rural Internet Exclusion

The pandemic has highlighted just how heavily society relies on having a reliable internet connection. More and more people have transitioned to home working – utilising everything from email to team working platforms and video calling to complete their work.

This is fine for those living and working in larger cities and towns. Yet, what happens if your business premises or WFH employee’s house is located in a rural area facing what IT Pro labels “’digital exclusion’ due to the underinvestment in connectivity”? We believe geography shouldn’t limit your commercial prospects or internet speed. Our Prestige Connected Everywhere service can combat your business’ rural exclusion, as this guide will outline.

We can reach businesses everywhere

One major selling point of our PCE service is the fact that we can help businesses that currently lack a strong internet connection, find one that’s fit for purpose. Priding ourselves on the reach of our broadband service, we can connect your business – wherever you’re located.

Wondering how we can do this?

It’s all because we operate via mobile or cellular networks – so don’t need to access cabled infrastructure that’s often absent within rural areas.

Indeed, “the Government has previously warned that those in the final 1% [of properties due to be upgraded under ‘Project Gigabite’] may still be “prohibitively expensive to reach“, although they’ve recently clarified that less than 0.3% of the country (c.134,000 premises) are likely to fall into this category”. We say “why wait?”.

Our reliable broadband solution technology

As with every service we provide, we take the time to listen to your business’s individual needs starting from the very first conversation. From understanding what you need, as well as the scale of the fully managed service you require, we can deliver broadband speeds that beat any other.

Whilst we use a mobile network, we back this up using high competent software and hardware.

Meet our trio of available products

We’ll meet your needs – and that all-important budget – by offering a choice of three products within our PCE service. Ranging upwards in scale, they include:

The CE Mini – suitable for a maximum of 30 users and 1 cellular connection

The CE Storm – suitable for a maximum of 60 users and 2 cellular connections

The CE Max – suitable for 150+ users and 4 cellular connections.

Any one of these products, professionally installed and backed by our extensive Service Level Agreement, becomes the ‘gateway’ to a reliable internet connection when your office doesn’t have access to traditional telecom infrastructures.

Never adding unnecessary ‘extras’, the flexibility of the above CE products means you’ll only select the right package for your company now – with the option to upscale available at a later date. No crystal ball required!

We’re quick, yet thorough

We don’t mean to brag but our qualified engineers will arrive onsite to install everything that’s needed to secure a super-quick connection. Simply wait a few days and voila, everything will be set up and ready to ‘grow’ your business. Our total rollout shouldn’t exceed seven working days.

On the day, our skilled engineer will assess your premises upon their arrival. They’ll check for the strongest network before fitting an antenna on the outside of your offices/building. This ensures you can receive and send out a data signal.

Having already helped hundreds of rural businesses (like your’s) upgrade their connection to 4G, we’re happy to travel to wherever you are in the UK.

Still unsure? Visit our PCE service page to discover examples of how we’ve beaten the competition and helped businesses achieve the broadband speeds “on steroids” they were craving. Then, when you’re ready, please get in touch to speak to our friendly team.


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