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Some people have improved performance when working at home and others are best suited in an office environment. It could take a while to adapt to working at home so we have come up with a few steps which should help you ease into this new working routine.

Working at home could come with its challenges for example home comforts and other distractions like the fridge, TV and of course internet. With the schools across the UK shut you will have your kids and pets running around causing a massive distraction so your quiet office is no more. There is also not your boss peering over your shoulder.

Less pressure means less stress which is an advantage where on the other hand It is easy to fall into the trap of slipping with your normal productivity rate.

With the recent outbreak in the COVID-19 epidemic we have seen rise in people working from home. We have come up with 8 tips for working at home.

1. Stick to a routine

Ensure you work your normal office day be it 9-5 or 10-6. Don’t let the new found ‘home office; babe any different from working in your normal workplace.

2. Set goals

Just as you would do at home. Challenge yourself during these challenging times. Set your personal goals and stick to them. If you set goals then you would see your work load decrease. Don’t let work snowball out of control.

3. Your Desk

Try to avoid setting your new desk in your lounge or living room as you have the distraction of your TV. Try and find a place which you can become as productive as you were at work, be it int he kitchen, dining room or home study. Make sure you are working at a table or a desk. If you set your ‘home office’ in your lounge then when you unwind at night it will still feel like you are working.

4. Take breaks

Stick to your breaks. If you have a hour for lunch then take your hour for lunch, keep as much of your daily routine the same. Don’t let your house be the distraction.

5. Get changed

Don’t work in your pyjamas. Get changed before you start work and change after you finish. This will help you unwind after work and help you relax more after working in your own home.

6. Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with your employees and employer. Set up conference calls or video calls with your team. Understanding what Is going on in your business has never been so important at this unique and challenging time ahead of us.

7. Fresh air

Take a walk around the block or step into your garden. Fresh air will boost oxygen to your lungs a brain which will help your productivity and ultimately your workflow.

8. Stay hydrated

Tea, coffee, water whatever it maybe. Stay hydrated and keep yourself alert and active. Hydration is key in a healthy and balanced diet.

These are just our tips – if you have some of your own that you would like to share please get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like some more advice on how best to work from home then give us a call on 01329 554 375


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