How does a Virtual Landline work?

We have been posting a lot recently about our newest obsession; virtual landlines.

I think we are all now thoroughly convinced that they are awesome and clearly are the future for all types of business.

But have you ever wondered how this nifty unification of past and present actually works? 

If you didn’t already know, as its name suggests, a virtual landline is for all intents and purposes a landline number. However, it exists without you having to get an old school landline installed into your office or home by a random fellow with some screwdrivers.

All of your clients will dial your landline just as if it was a normal number and it will appear just as legitimately on their phone as if you had paid tradesmen to run a load of cable through your office.

What makes a Virtual Landline ‘Virtual’?

 So, what makes the virtual landline ‘virtual’? Well, a normal landline, as you and your grandma know it, is actually connected to a building in a specific area via a phone line. Not great for businesses that want the freedom to move and expand. A virtual landline is a cloud-based solution that can offer you a number for life no matter what your location is.

Don’t worry if you already have a traditional landline number your customers recognise. You can convert that over to the cloud as well and be as virtual as you like.

The connectivity a virtual landline offers your business is second to none. You can now receive calls anywhere in the world via our state of the art mobile application or desktop application. Just think of the cloud as a floating service in the sky that will follow you wherever you want it to. 

Virtual landlines really suit the work from home revolution or even the international jet-setter (as an added bonus, there’s no charge to make or receive calls whilst abroad). There’s no need to be out of the loop anymore and return to an office with a voicemail machine full of frustrated clients who couldn’t reach you at the opportune moment. 

When businesses used to move to a new office or start up from scratch, getting a landline installed could often be a long and expensive process, relying on the ingenuity and reliability of phone companies that have thousands of clients to deal with. 

Setting up a Virtual Landline

Setting up a virtual landline however is a ridiculously fast two-step process. 

Step one. Simply chose your perfect number. This could be a business number or a local one or even a location that enhances your image such as a London area code. Or you can migrate a traditional landline number that you already had, retaining your brand recognition.

Step two. Chose devices that suit your staff’s needs. Got a top sales guy that’s always on the road and you have to regularly give clients his mobile number? Transfer them straight through to his mobile (our Virtual Landline runs through an app remember). Or what about an office worker that is permanently glued to their desk? Take one of our enhanced desk phones to answer and make calls. Better yet, just use our desktop app on your laptop and work from your desk or coffee shop. All you need is an internet connection or 4G coverage.

Any successful business is always evolving and changing. So, what happens if the top sales guy drops his phone down a service station toilet while on a business trip? What if you get a new starter who needs a new desk and VoIP phone? 

No problem, you can access the cloud itself without having to get in touch with your virtual landline providers for instantaneous changes. You can give trusted employees access to a web portal which will allow you to set up new diverts or change the options of the ones you currently have, like adding a voicemail service for example.

You can also make outbound calls using your virtual landline devices to both domestic and international numbers. The best part is the rates offered are very cheap and will leave you with a much smaller bill than a traditional landline would. PLUS we do not charge for calls to landlines & mobile. They’re free. Forever.

There’s even the option to call devices on your cloud network. Such as calls between the desk-glued VoIP worker to top sales guy’s mobile. Guess what? These calls are completely free too.

So that’s how virtual landlines work. A very simple concept that gives you and your employees a world of flexibility and options.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with one of our friendly team today or give us a call on 01329 595080.


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