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As the traditional yearly release of the latest iOS version is again upon us, we can’t help but be excited about the top features that Apple has promised to deliver. Over the years, Apple has consistently improved its operating system, and this latest version is set to take the iPhone experience to new heights. We will be highlighting the most talked-about features of iOS 17, giving you a glimpse of what to expect from this highly-anticipated update.

From innovative advancements in user interface to intelligent ease of use improvements, iOS 17 is determined to push the boundaries of what a mobile operating system can offer. Apple has carefully listened to its devoted users’ feedback, ensuring that this new version addresses some of the most pressing issues and adds even more convenience to our daily lives with iPhones.

So, let’s delve into the top features of iOS 17. It’s time to understand what makes this update an all-round improvement for iPhone users, whilst offering an insight into the future of mobile technology. Buckle up and enjoy the ride through the most compelling aspects of Apple’s latest release.

An Overview of iOS 17

With the introduction of Apple’s iOS 17, many iPhone users can now enjoy a range of new features to enhance their experience. Compatible iPhone models, released since 2018, can download this software update, which brings numerous changes to areas such as calling, texting and information management.

Enhanced Contact Posters

In iOS 17, contact cards become more visually attractive with the introduction of Contact Posters. These eye-catching designs feature stunning visuals and slick fonts, appearing when you receive calls and use various communication services. Customise your Contact Poster by personalising its image, font and colour.

Simplified AirDrop

AirDrop has been revamped in iOS 17, allowing users to share their Contact Posters, photos, videos or activities through the air simply by bringing their phones close together. This sharing process is termed NameDrop, and users can control what contact information is shared. NameDrop works between iPhones and also with Apple Watch devices.

StandBy Mode

A significant addition in iOS 17 is StandBy mode, which activates when the iPhone is on a MagSafe charger and in a horizontal position. This mode transforms your iPhone into a mini hub, akin to Amazon Echo Show, by presenting glanceable information on a full-screen display. StandBy mode incorporates personalisable features like the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro and the nightstand mode of the Apple Watch.

Introducing Journal App

The new Journal app in iOS 17 compiles personalised suggestions to inspire users to write daily. Journal curates prompts from iPhone information such as photos, location, music and workouts, and allows users to schedule notifications for writing and reflecting on significant moments.

Live Voicemail

Experience real-time voicemail transcriptions with Live Voicemail, powered by your iPhone’s neural engine to ensure privacy. Users can screen voicemails as they are being recorded and decide whether to respond to the call immediately.

Improved FaceTime and Messages

Among other enhancements, iOS 17 includes FaceTime video messages, an easier search function within the Messages app, and transcriptions for audio messages. Other features such as a catch-up arrow, inline replies and autocorrect improvements are included to make managing messages and group chats more efficient.

Stickers and Emoji

iMessage stickers and emoji have also gained additional capabilities in iOS 17. The Stickers drawer now contains all previously used stickers, and photos can also be used as live stickers. Users can create stickers from Live Photos and access them across various areas, including Tapback, Markup, and third-party apps.

StandBy Mode

One of the most notable features in iOS 17 is the StandBy mode, which transforms your iPhone into a smart display akin to the Amazon Echo Show. When your iPhone is placed horizontally on a MagSafe charger, StandBy mode activates, offering a full-screen experience and glanceable information.

In StandBy mode, you’ll see a new screen displaying the time, photos, widgets, and Live Activities. Almost all of these components are customisable, making it a versatile addition to your iPhone experience. It can be considered a blend between the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display and the nightstand mode on the Apple Watch.

Swiping to the side in StandBy mode allows you to browse your favourite photos and moments. iOS 17 also shuffles images intelligently to ensure optimal screen utilisation. Plus, Standby can display glanceable widgets – from weather updates and Apple Home smart controls to your preferred third-party widgets.

Live Activities support provides users with real-time updates for ongoing sports events or food delivery statuses, adding more functionality to the StandBy mode. Impressively, StandBy can remember your preferred view settings for each MagSafe charging location, ensuring a personalised experience wherever you go.

Contact Posters

In iOS 17, Contact Posters has been introduced to enhance the appearance of contact cards, making them more attractive and engaging for users. Contact Posters are visually appealing blends of contact photos and emojis, complemented by stylish fonts that are visible when receiving calls or engaging with various services on your phone.

Customising your Contact Poster is as simple as personalising your lock screen. You need to select a photo, font, and colour, and your Contact Poster is ready. 

Live Voicemail

One of the most intriguing features of iOS 17 is Live Voicemail. Gone are the days when we had to wait for someone to finish leaving a voicemail before we could listen to it. With Live Voicemail, we can now see a live transcription of the voicemail in real time as the person speaks, allowing us to decide whether we should interrupt what we’re doing to take the call.

This fantastic feature is powered by our iPhone’s neural engine, ensuring that privacy is maintained throughout the process. Not only is this convenient, but it also allows us to stay on top of our voicemails without having to listen to them one by one. It’s reminiscent of the days of answering machines when screening calls was common practice.

If Live Voicemail seems familiar, that’s because it is quite similar to Call Screen on Google Pixel phones. However, introducing it to the iPhone universe is a welcome addition for managing our communications more effectively and conveniently.

Intelligent Autocorrect

In iOS 17, Apple has taken autocorrect to new heights by making it more intelligent and efficient. We can now expect fewer frustrations when typing messages or composing emails on our iPhones. The upgraded autocorrect system uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately identify and correct grammatical mistakes, making our written communication more polished and professional.

One of the most significant improvements in iOS 17’s autocorrect is its ability to gracefully handle curse words. Gone are the days of unwanted “ducking” replacements; autocorrect now learns and adapts to our typing habits, allowing for fewer embarrassing errors and smoother conversations.

A practical feature we’ve discovered in iOS 17’s autocorrect is its capacity to swiftly revert words back to their original form if needed. This proves particularly handy in situations where we wish to retain the original spelling or phrasing, and it saves us time and effort in remedying autocorrect’s overzealous interventions.

Apart from these advancements, iOS 17’s autocorrect is now more sensitive to context and sentence structure, providing more accurate suggestions and corrections based on the content we’re writing. This significantly reduces the likelihood of inappropriate or nonsensical recommendations, ensuring that our messages stay coherent and meaningful.

FaceTime Video Messages

With the launch of iOS 17, Apple has introduced yet another impressive feature for its popular FaceTime application – FaceTime Video Messages. This much-anticipated feature allows users to record and send video messages within the FaceTime app, ensuring that you can document and share memorable moments even if the recipient isn’t available to take your call.

As well as the existing features in FaceTime, such as voice and video calling, Video Messages enhances the app’s functionality and ensures seamless communication between iPhone users. The process of recording and sending video messages is extremely simple. Users can quickly capture their thoughts or experiences and send them off to friends and family.

Plus, the quality of the FaceTime Video Messages is consistent with Apple’s high standards, providing clear and crisp video recordings. This makes it an excellent option for users who want to share important moments with their loved ones, even when they are not able to connect through a live call.

The FaceTime Video Messages feature on iOS 17 offers a fun and convenient way for iPhone users to stay connected and share their life with friends and family. It further cements Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experience and offering useful and engaging tools for communication and content sharing.

Enhanced AirDrop

One of the most notable features in iOS 17 is the improved AirDrop functionality. As avid iPhone users, we appreciate how simple it now is to share Contact Posters, photos, and videos with others. To do this, bring your iPhone close to another person’s device and the sharing process begins seamlessly. This feature, called NameDrop, allows you to not only share with other iPhones but also with Apple Watches. We can’t help but reminisce about the early days of the iPhone when “bumping” contacts was popular.

iOS 17’s AirDrop overhaul also introduces convenient ways to share activities using SharePlay, making group interactions more engaging. The best part about NameDrop is that you have control over the contact information you want to share, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

With the enhanced AirDrop and complementing features in iOS 17, Apple has given us the tools to make sharing and communication more convenient and enjoyable than ever.

New Journal App

We are excited to learn about one of the key features of iOS 17, the New Journal App. This app is designed to inspire writing by creating personalised suggestions based on your iPhone’s data, such as photos, location, music, and workouts. The Journal App is perfect for those who appreciate reflection and creative writing in their everyday lives.

To get started, you simply select a moment, such as “morning visit, Ocean Beach,” and then begin writing. If you need some motivation or reminders, the app also allows you to schedule notifications to prompt you to write. Don’t worry about losing track of your important memories since the app lets you flag significant moments for later reflection.

The New Journal app and its accompanying features aim to enhance the way you use your iPhone, by providing a seamless, engaging, and efficient user experience.

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