UK Homeowners Consider Internet Speed A Priority

A report released by Huawei has revealed that the majority of UK homeowners consider the speed of internet connection to be one of the biggest factors in their choice of location. The international provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices reported that questions about internet speed have risen by 69% since the pandemic struck.

The findings haven’t come as much of a surprise, given that the majority of people have been forced to spend more time in their homes over the last couple of years. Connectivity and “full-fibre” broadband have come to be seen as vital, both for remote work and entertainment. And this looks set to be a continuing trend as many people remain reluctant to venture out due to major health concerns. Those looking to move home may well reconsider their options upon discovering a lack of broadband availability in a given area.

Would you make the move to a home with limited bandwidth?

It’s been revealed that 34% of home-buyers are seeking speeds higher than 300Mbps, with a further 23% wanting 1Gbps. What’s more, 33% of estate agents interviewed said that internet speed can make a difference of up to £5,000 in terms of a property’s sale price. Internet connection is apparently considered more important than the number of bedrooms, property age, and availability of transport links in the property search. Proximity to a local pub has also been found to have a great bearing on home-buying decisions. A combination of a good pint and superfast Wi-Fi seems to be the sweet spot for those looking to move.

There is some geographical separation in the perceived importance of internet speeds, with those in Scotland and the South West of England apparently believing that it has the greatest bearing on homebuying decisions. The London-based Foxtons estate agents have claimed that despite the recognised value of broadband, other factors typically have a slightly greater bearing on property purchases.

Property expert James Hummerstone-Pope said, “In many cases, customers feel that good internet is a ‘must have’. Fibre broadband definitely makes properties more appealing.”

This will come as good news to many of those looking to sell, with the telecoms regulator Ofcom revealing that 18.2 million homes have internet speeds of 300Mbps or more. And the government has pledged to ensure the availability of full-fibre and gigabit-capable to all homes across the UK by 2025. However, new home-buyers may still have to switch the choice of suppliers. For the moment, 50.4Mbps remains the average speed across the UK.

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