What are the Benefits of 4G Broadband?

In today’s connected society, a fast and reliable internet connection is imperative. Especially for businesses that run their entire operations online. However, sometimes, due to local telecommunications infrastructure, this isn’t possible with traditional methods. At Prestige, we offer a range of methods to get you online, from traditional broadband connections, to leased lines and even 4G mobile broadband

In our last blog post, we discussed what 4G broadband is. Today, we’ll provide a brief recap before looking more in depth at some of the use cases and benefits of 4G broadband. 

What is 4G Broadband? 

4G broadband is really quite simple. Where traditional broadband connections work through a network of fibre-optic or copper cabling, 4G broadband takes advantage of existing 4G infrastructure. This means it is delivered to you over the air as opposed to underground. 

With a 4G broadband connection, we will provide you with a 4G hub or dongle that will act as an access point. This will allow you to connect multiple internet connected devices to a single hub. 

There are many reasons why a business or individual may opt for a 4G broadband connection. Typically, this has to do with a failing of local infrastructure. Due to the nature of underground cabling, it can take a long time for this traditional infrastructure to be upgraded. 4G masts, however, offer wide coverage across the UK. In many cases, the 4G infrastructure is simply much better developed than the underground cable connections. 

It’s only fairly recently that 4G and even 5G broadband has been able to rival that of traditional connections in terms of speed, reliability and latency. 

That said, there are more reasons why one may consider 4G broadband, as we’ll discuss below. 

What Are The Benefits of 4G Broadband? 

A 4G broadband connection can be of immeasurable benefit to a business in several ways. One primary benefit is that of mobility. With 4G broadband you are not tethered to one location. This enables several use cases. Firstly, a business can cater to its mobile employees. Think of the travelling salesperson looking to send follow up emails and log their meetings in your CRM. While the role of the travelling salesperson has diminished a little since the pandemic, a new rise of mobile employees has emerged. Work from home / work from anywhere roles are on the rise. If there’s one thing that all employees need is a reliable internet connection. This can be provided with 4G mobile broadband. 

Another advantage to 4G mobile broadband, is it can provide an instant connectivity boost without any delays in waiting for infrastructure upgrades. As long as you have a suitably strong 4G signal, you can turn on your hub and be up and running in minutes. No more waiting years for fibre upgrades and rollouts. 

Finally, an often overlooked advantage to 4G mobile broadband is it can provide a backup connection should your traditional connection go down. Given the affordable price point of 4G plans, and the significant sums lost by businesses each year to connectivity issues, having a backup 4G connection could be an excellent option for many businesses. 

Is 4G Broadband Right For Your Business? 

There you have it, some of the top reasons why a business may want to consider 4G broadband. 

Do you employ remote or mobile staff? Would a loss in connectivity cause major disruption to your business? Is the internet infrastructure in your area lacking? Then 4G mobile broadband may be the right option for you. 

If you’d like to discuss your options, we’d be more than happy to help. We pride ourselves on working with our clients and potential clients to come to solutions that are genuinely the most beneficial for their business. If you’d like to contact one of our friendly team, they can be reached on 01329 554375.


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