Who Benefits from a 4G Mobile Broadband Connection

In recent posts we have been discussing 4G mobile broadband in depth. Due to the unique characteristics of 4G broadband it can have a number of benefits for a variety of different businesses. This post will take a brief look at what those unique characteristics are and what the benefits for businesses may be before looking at which businesses will derive the most value from a 4G mobile broadband connection. 

What is 4G Mobile Broadband?

We’ve covered this twice already so we won’t spend too long here. 4G mobile broadband is quite simple. You’ll receive a 4G hub or dongle (or multiple) that will connect to existing mobile data infrastructure. This then acts as an access point allowing all your devices to connect to one hotspot. This is in contrast to a typical internet connection that runs through copper and fiber optic cabling. 

4G and 5G mobile broadband is a fairly recent phenomenon as it’s only been recently that these connections have become viable, in terms of speed, latency and coverage, as an alternative to regular broadband. 

Being connected over the air, rather than underground, has some distinct advantages that we will come to. But first… 

Why not just use a regular mobile hotspot? 

With all this talk of hotspots, why not just use your mobile phone as a hotspot? This is a viable solution for some. Ultimately, it is the same technology powering 4G hubs. However, it has its drawbacks. Typically phones will overheat and lose battery power fast when being used as a hotspot. 

Also, the maximum number of devices you can connect to a mobile phone hotspot tends to be smaller than a 4G router for example. Ultimately, this is a fine solution for small scale use cases, but on the scale of an office a 4G hub is always preferable. 

The Benefits of 4G Mobile Broadband

The advantages of 4G Mobile Broadband are plentiful. As it uses a different connection infrastructure, if the broadband cabling in your area is sub-par you could potentially rely on an over-the-air connection. 

4G Mobile Broadband also brings the benefit of mobility. Wherever there is 4G coverage, you can be productive. This has been incredibly useful during the pandemic, which has seen traditional mobile working locations such as hotels and cafes shut down to the public. The pandemic has also seen the rise of “work from anywhere” roles. By providing a 4G hotspot to your employees, you can ensure they can stay connected wherever they are. 

Finally, as 4G broadband operates as a different connection type, it can be used as a backup internet connection should your primary broadband connection go down, slow down or experience any other issues. This ability to maintain productive during connection outages can be a godsend for many businesses. 

Which Businesses Benefit Most From a 4G Connection? 

Any business could benefit from the aforementioned backup connection. However, if you’re on a tight budget or already have a leased line solution, you may not want to invest in a backup connection. 

4G mobile broadband naturally benefits the mobile business. We’re not talking ice cream vans and mobile hairdressers here either. Many startups have no fixed office location to begin. If you’re one of them and frequently find yourself on the move, this could be a fantastic option. Equally you may be an established business with a high proportion of mobile workers, such as field sales people. Again providing a 4G connection to your field sales team could prove invaluable. 

And of course, 4G mobile broadband will benefit those who have slow or intermittent broadband connection. There are certain regions where it’s not deemed commercially viable to upgrade copper cabling. However, you may still have access to a 4G connection which can be fairly long range. 

Regardless, of whether you opt for a 4G connection, a leased line, or traditional broadband. Prestige have you covered. If you’d like to discuss all your connection options, reach out to one of our team today.


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