The Freedom of Mobile Broadband


Calling all business owners and managers.

We’ve been thinking a lot about this terrible year and frankly with the New Year we’re looking to put it behind us. Now that a vaccine exists there is hope on the horizon for us and a sense of normality may be returning.

However, it is undeniable that life and more specifically our working practices have changed forever. Many business owners have come to the realisation that business is better when employees are working from the comfort of their own home and we are all connected digitally. There is less office confrontation and more people get a chance to have their voice heard than ever before. Not to mention the joy of not having to renew the expensive lease on an office space that you simply no longer need.

It’s an amazing time really, entire businesses are operating unassumingly from little boxes spread across the breadth of Britain. From graphic design start-ups to property development powerhouses, one thing all office based businesses now have in common is the essential need for solid reliable connections at all times.

Wireless router with three antennas and cable connected. Man using smartphone in background

You may find yourself noticing the same bad apples in Zoom meetings; their connection drops out, they’re always a little late or there is an infuriating audio delay that slows the entire meeting to a crawl. You may also have heard complaints from your employees about the impact working from home has had on their mental health. Some may revel in solitude whereas others are suffering from loneliness.

We have discovered a very simple solution to this modern dilemma though.

Offer your staff mobile broadband.

Just a few short years ago the speeds provided by mobile broadband were nowhere near sufficient. From our own tests we have seen that it now, often beats modern home broadband speeds. They were also capped with monthly download limits, this is now a thing of the past too. Internet service providers are well aware of the nation’s addiction to online services and we can now browse to our heart’s content.

So now that your stigma of mobile broadband has hopefully disappeared, let’s explore the other advantages it can have for your team.

Many people working from home are also joined by a partner in the same position or are surrounded by noisy children. A mobile connection offers the solution of being able to work in any room of the house, in a shed (otherwise known as the “man cave”) or even at a trendy coffee spot (COVID restrictions permitting of course). Extra working freedom such as this is what will allow many members of staff to regain a semblance of normality and could even improve their mental health. Working from home has been a godsend for introverts but it has been a hellish existence for more social creatures. It’s also important to remember that for many people work is an escape from their home life which may be difficult, giving your employees the freedom to be able to leave the house and focus on work is imperative in this year where freedom has been taken away from so many.

The concept of mobile broadband can also be given to staff as an employee benefit as you are essentially providing them with free broadband. This surprisingly simple gift works straight out of the box, plug and play. Even the most tech-shy members of the team won’t have to call the IT department for help with this one.

A fast mobile broadband connection will allow all staff to keep up to date in meetings and all other online correspondence. Teams work better when they are connected, just because your staff’s postcodes could spell out the entire alphabet doesn’t mean your business cannot grow. On the contrary, productivity will no doubt improve as all employees will now have an easy to use and reliable connection no matter where they are.

man working away from office sea laptop England

We surely cannot cope with another 2020 so use 2021 to speed up your business and give a little freedom to your employees with a superfast mobile broadband connection.


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