How a virtual landline can grow your business

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The world is changing, fast.

We live in a modern, dynamic and diverse world. But some things, somehow, stay the same. Japan is arguably one of the world’s most technologically advanced societies, yet the country is still mainly cash-based. Many shops, cafes and bars accept cash only. Sometimes tradition, reliability and reputation can trump modernisation.

A perfect example of this in the UK is the respect and admiration for the landline. Yes, we can all agree that when it comes to personal landlines, they are becoming less and less favourable. Maybe it’s just your nan that still has one?

But, when it comes to business phone communication the landline is king, area codes demand respect just like posh post codes. Seeing a landline on a business advertisement looks impressive, professional, this business is established. Seeing a mobile is the equivalent of reading an impressive landing page only to see that the business’s email address ends with

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Answer your landline call anywhere

It’s instantly unimpressive.

But what if you are just starting out? The office is in fact your parent’s garage or the spare bedroom? No worries, here at Prestige Telecom we have a solution that gives the professional image you are after without the expensive Canary Wharf office space that goes with it.

Virtual Landlines.

Having a landline has been proven to be more effective for receiving inbound calls than a mobile, clients are simply more inclined to call them. People feel more comfortable calling an office for a professional service, rather than what looks like somebody’s personal mobile number.

The beauty of a virtual landline is that it can be forwarded to your mobile! All the illusions of an office space are there for your customers as they dial the professional-looking landline number while you have the luxury of answering your phone in the bath. This is the age of work from home anyway, is it not?

Our virtual landline numbers have a range of customisation options to provide a service that is unique to your business. Calls can be recorded if desired and there are optional voicemail services as well.

Create an even larger sense of space with a built-in menu. Options such as “press 2 for sales” are a great feature and will allow you to have calls directed to the correct member of staff. Our virtual landlines can be diverted to multiple employees for speedy solutions.

We offer up to five virtual landlines per customer so you can have different numbers for varying departments. Now here’s what we think is the coolest thing about virtual landlines, this could be a real game-changer for your business. If you are proud of your business’s location and you want to keep your landline number local, we can give you a virtual landline with your local area code.

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But, if you want to really add that extra professional look to your virtual landline we can provide the option to give it any UK city number. How about an urban 0161 for Manchester? A Yorkshire 0113 for Leeds? Or what about the coveted 020? The area code for the centre of British business; London.

So, in this ever-changing world of new social media platforms and mobile numbers that nobody remembers, give your customers something they can rely on. The tradition and admiration a virtual landline carries with it is still going strong.

Let Prestige Telecom improve your business’s image whilst multiplying inbound calls with a fully customisable virtual landline.


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