Essential Business Details to Feature in Your Web Listing

Type the phrase “telecom business services Gosport” into Google and the chances are you will find “Prestige Telecom Group” displayed in the search results. From here, people can see a ‘snapshot’ of our company – including opening hours, reviews, website link and address. It appeared here thanks to the ‘web listing’ service that we offer across well-known websites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Yellow Pages, and TripAdvisor. It’s the kind of exposure that companies dream of – but requires certain details about your business to be submitted, as we’ll explain here.


NAP is the ‘holy trinity’ of information required for web listings on business directories. Standing for business ‘name’, ‘address’ and ‘phone number’, you want people to be able to find you online so they can visit your premises and/or call you for more details.

You should standardize your business name across the world wide web for consistency. So, it’s best to avoid any shortened or abbreviated names you may be known as. After all, you may employ web listings to find local customers, but nothing is stopping you from capitalising on nationwide searches – especially if you have an e-commerce site.

Keeping this consistency is also better for SEO (search engine optimisation), which will determine which sites are effectively ‘promoted’ on a search engine. Having several mismatched business names online will only decrease your ranking – i.e. where you appear in the search results – “because the search engine won’t be able to decipher if it’s a real business”.

Opening Hours

Imagine your customers’ frustration if they drive into the city or town to visit you, only to find you’re closed or have reduced opening hours that day. They’re likely to leave feeling dissatisfied and possibly go elsewhere given their ‘trouble’. This may seem unfair as you clearly stated your opening hours on your website, but having them displayed on Yahoo, Google or Bing web listings spells it out to them before they make the journey. Be as helpful as possible to retain customers’ loyalty.

Website URL

Having said that, you’ve invested good money in a professional website and have so much to offer in terms of describing the products or services you provide. Having the facility for customers to click or tap a single link – rather than type in or copy and paste the website address – will simplify how they access your site. Busy customers will appreciate this convenience and could therefore form part of your customer service strategy.

Business Category

You may believe it’s obvious which services and/or products you provide. However, many people may not have heard of you before or might be new to the area. Tell them ‘in black and white’ which sector or industry you operate in, even if it forms part of your name such as ‘Prestige Telecom Group’.

Also, Google boasts that by “having a Google My Business listing, businesses are 70% more likely to attract local visits from browsing users” due to building trust via their verification service. With statistics like this, we hope you’re excited by the prospect of web listings.

Payment Methods

Are you a cashless business since the start of the pandemic? Or maybe you don’t have the facility to accept PayPal in your online shop. These essential details can make or break a sale upon check-out as a customer may not be able to complete their purchase after browsing for hours.

Apart from the lost sale, you may have inspired them to tell their friends about this negative experience. Or, if they’re hesitant before clicking on your website, knowing they accept their credit card could galvanise them into clicking the link.

Social Media

Many business owners view social media as separate from their website. However, including details and therefore offering links in business directories to your social media accounts is a savvy move. People who have newly discovered you (thanks to providing the above details) can then get a ‘feel’ for your brand ethos by visiting your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account etc.

As “54% of social browsers use social media to research products”, you can convert their initial curiosity into engaged sales.

Our web listings service is for you if you’re looking to increase your online presence and sales as well as others’ awareness of what you do. Save time and energy by leaving it to our expert team and contact us today for more details.


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