How Sole Traders Can Benefit from Our Business Mobile Plans

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The National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses (FSB) reports that 3.2 million sole traders were in business (within the UK) during 2021. Naturally entrepreneurial, this brave band of business owners should expect the very best mobile plan that’s fit for their individual requirements. 

With Prestige Telecom, you won’t need to ‘take a risk’ on our Business Mobile service. It can benefit you as a sole trader in several ways.

Friendly advice

We’re confident catering for businesses of all sizes – including sole proprietors. Our knowledgeable experts are ready to help meet your requirements from the very first call. Being awarded the sixth ‘Best Small Company to Work for in the UK’ regarding the satisfaction of our team, only increases the benefit of advice they’re able to give.

You may be wondering what exactly is the difference in the quality of customer service we provide? The answer rests in the fact our team truly listens to what you need to offer an in-depth tariff analysis (free of charge). Translating jargon into easy-to-understand information comes as standard too. And as always, our quotes are non-obligation so you can consider your options.

Bespoke solutions

Understanding that you require something different than a medium or large-sized business would, we’ll find a tariff that is ‘spot-on’ for your business – whether it’s in the food, sales, marketing or other sectors.

We proudly reject a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Instead, we offer business-focused advice that some phone stores may not specialise in. This ensures you can benefit from the best business mobile phone plans around.

Better value

We understand that you are more likely to make more calls and send more emails using your data allowance than personal mobile phone customers. From visiting suppliers and potential clients, to setting up meetings and returning interested parties’ calls, our mobile plans will allow you to be always on your phone conducting business and forming new connections.

Put another way, our business mobile phone contracts fit your communication needs. With free calls and higher than usual data allowances, we aim to support and never oversell. Plus, business handsets usually work out much more cost-effective over the term of your contract.

With a superb track record of helping thousands of businesses lower their business mobile charges, we’re the sensible choice for busy sole traders who don’t want to worry about astronomical bills or running out of credit and data because it’s capped.

Super-fast 4G

Stand out from the competition by being there for your clients and customers. Capitalising on the exceptionally quick 4G (aka fourth-generation) mobile network will help you to make a favourable impression. Say goodbye to constant buffering and poor sound whilst on Zoom or conference calls.

Send over that important quote/invoice on the go with ease whilst your competitors scramble for a WIFI hotspot. Transfer and download multiple files to the cloud so you have a backed-up record of what’s been agreed. It’s all possible with the super-fast 4G mobile we offer.

Dedicated support

As a Prestige business mobile customer, you can stay calm and banish the frustration of not knowing which handset to pick. Thanks to the support of having a dedicated account manager, which other business owners may not receive, you can stay ahead and move forward buoyed by our help searching for the best tariff deal around.

If this article has piqued your interest in finding a better business mobile deal, we’d recommend visiting our Business Mobiles service page, before calling us on 03303 200 222.


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