Who Benefits from a VoIP Solution?

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Cast your mind back to 2012. A simpler time where you could fly anywhere in the world, go to the shop without a mask on and even go to the pub without feeling like a sheep being herded into a pen. However, despite the world being pandemic-free, people will always find something to worry about. The anxiety-inducing change of the time was the inevitable switch over to digital television. It meant having new technology in your home, and some people just weren’t sure about it.

But in modern times we are confident that anyone reading this would agree that digital television offers a lot more positives. You have more channels, it looks better, you can pause live tv and a load of other cool features. There’s no way you would go back now right?

2025 will have the UK facing yet another technological revolution whether you like it or not. All landlines will be replaced with VoIP solutions. With high speed internet now the norm almost wherever you go, we have the infrastructure to provide the nation with a phone system that works in 0’s and 1’s.

There’s no time like the present to future-proof your business for the wave of change that’s coming. Thankfully, it’s not just a matter of following the trend though. VoIP has massive benefits for many people, let’s look into them.

In any good business, employees always come first and VoIP has got their back. A VoIP solution puts more power into the hands of everyday workers. With a VoIP phone they can access password-protected mailboxes with clear menu-based cloud systems. This allows them to delete and archive messages on the fly and to change their answer message whenever they want. Call forwarding and holding is also a doddle, phones have clear interfaces that will allow even the most technologically shy to manage calls with ease.

VoIP phones require zero setup, meaning that your staff can continue to work from home if you so desire. Just send the phone to them and they can literally plug and play, they simply need an internet connection. The freedom doesn’t stop there though, as businesses are opening back up again, national and international business travel will resume. Employees can even enjoy all the features of a specialised VoIP phone with their smartphone. This also provides more freedom, as a phone signal will suffice to take a VoIP signal anywhere in the UK and beyond. Calls can even be forwarded to them from a landline number, meaning they will never miss that important call from a new client desperate to sign a new contract.

Managers can relax knowing that the sprawling network of VoIP phones and mobiles are easy to manage. The system that is constantly being backed up can be accessed by different tiers of security with regularly changing passwords. Levels of user access can be controlled by higher ranking members of staff for peace of mind.

VoIP solutions also allow for better business to client relationships. Clients can call a centralised landline number or a selection of numbers. A keypad-controlled phone menu will make sure that clients are always directed to the correct member of staff or department. This may sound time-consuming or even a little frustrating, but in the long run it means that people are connected quicker and fewer mistakes are made. It also means you can free up a position at work, as you will have less staff having to manage calls.

There are also less missed opportunities for both clients and employees. Since calls can be forwarded to smart phones when staff are on the road and VoIP phones can work at WFH locations, calls are much more likely to be connected from client to staff member. Worst-case scenario, if employees are too busy to take calls, clients can leave voicemails to an infinite number of voicemail inboxes, one for every person in your team and then some.

The constant roll out of faster internet around the UK and the world has led to us being more and more connected. Everyone you know is just a social media message away nowadays. VoIP is simply another solution that works using reliable high-speed internet. You may as well get ahead of the curve and modernise your business with a VoIP cloud-based solution. Don’t do it to keep up with the Jones’s, do it because it will make life a lot easier for both your team and your clients.

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